Dryden Road

The buildng facade is arranged in four vertical bays each in a different brick color giving the building the appearance of row houses. Each bay has different arrangements of windows and roof lines.

Dryden Road

The buildng sits on top of a landscaped berm. Lower level entry is from Dryden Road leading to the building lobby.

Open Court

Parking and the Main Floor Entry are located at the upper level. Building walls facing the courtyard are organized by different brick colors and window patterns.

Site Plan

Site plan and first floor plan. Parking is located at upper level with access to the main lobby.

  • Location  Ithaca, NY
  • Client  Gus & Nick Lambrou

Located in a large residential district on a flat site about 10 feet above street level the building was designed to resemble row housing to reduce the overall scale of the project. Using multi-colored bricks, different roof lines and varied window placement the 4-story plus basement building is integrated into the surrounding neighborhood. The L-shaped foot print of the building contains 13 dwelling units and 40 occupants. The middle two units have gabled fronts covered with colored metal roofs.The end units are topped with a mansard roof and dormers. The sloping face of the mansard is covered with shingles. Extensive use of limestone trim further breaks down the scale.