North West View

The north side of the building contains a limestone entrance and retail stores on the street level. Projected balconies break up the facade.

South View

The south facade is organized as a series of vertical bays consisting of projected balconies capped with metal roofs and raised parapets.


Triangular baconies provide additional living space and offer views in both directions.


Limestone entrance is both attractive and inviting. The lobby features rich wood carved columns, concierge desk, cove lighting with hidden spot lights and flower niches

  • Location  Ithaca, NY
  • Client  Jason Fane

Located in the heart of Collegetown's urban core, Collegetown Center was one of the first major buildings in the redevelopment of the area. It contains 154 dwelling units on the upper five floors with retail stores at the street level. Parking is provided at two levels behind the building. It features a carved limestone entrance with grand lobby. Projected balconies of varied shapes provide a variety of living experience. Exterior materials include two color split face masonry accentuated by bull nose bands and limestone sills. The roof line is broken up with raised parapets and conical metal roofs.