301 Eddy St

This four story building has 18 dwelling units. Several units are designed on two levels. Two story high projections over the sidewalk provide additional floor space. The utilities and laundry are located in the basement.

303 Eddy St

Designed on top of an existing retaining wall the building has one 6 Bedroom unit on each of the three levels. The large living room in the center has two projecting windows.

305 Eddy St

Designed with load bearing masonry walls the building has eight dwelling units on four floors plus a basement level containing utilities and laundry.The entrance to the building is under a carved out porch with open stairs.

307 Eddy St

Located on a sloping site the building is two stories high at the rear parking area. Each unit has direct access from the exterior. Most of the units are two stories with the entrance at the living room level and bedrooms above or below.

118 Catherine St

This three story building houses one 6 Bedroom unit on each of the upper two floors and one 5 Bedroom unit on the lowest level. The central living room area is projected out and accentuated by corner windows.

  • Location  Ithaca, NY
  • Client  Gus & Nick Lambrou

Designed over a number of years, this group of five buildings is located in the heart of Ithaca's Collegetown area. Two buildings have street frontage while the other three buildings fill in the open space in the middle of the block. Close proximity, varied building orientation on a sloping site, and the use of different color masonry for each building created the overall feel of a small hill town community. The buildings are designed with load bearing masonry walls and wood framed interior construction. All of the buildings contain corner windows as a common design feature. One more building is slated to go under construction during 2011 and will become part of the Collegetown Park Apartment Complex.