Close Up

Smaller gable ends at the eave intercept the main hipped pods of the roof defining each space and breaking down the scale of the project.

Corner View

View of the building from the street corner. The simple wood trusses of the structure are modified to create hipped roof pods intercepted by smaller gables which define each space. A colonade surrounds the two street fronts.

  • Location  Cortland, NY
  • Client  E.F Hayward Co.

Located in the heart of downtown City of Cortland, NY the building was designed for multiple tenants. The building sits on a corner lot and occupies the entire block. The main structure is wood trusses supported on load bearing masonry walls. Secondary hip roofs are placed over the one half of the roof facing the streets on both sides creating pods intercepted with smaller gable ends defining each space. At the ridge line the exposed portion of the vertical wall is covered with mirrored glass. The blue standing seam metal roof gives the building a distinctive character. A colonnade is provided along the two streets.