Entry Area

Entry area features overlapping roof lines consisting of gable and hipped roof. The area is lavishly landscaped.

Front View

The long building facade is broken into smaller segments by the shift in roof ridge line and floor plan offsets. This is futher accentuated by the location of the porte-cochere away from the building and the connecting covered walkway.

First Floor Plan

The building floor plan is symmetrically arranged on both sides of the entry porte cochere and lobby area. The first floor contains the lobby, administrative offices, pool & spa and other support areas as well as guest rooms.


The lobby area incorporates a fireplace and is finished with traditional and familiar materials. The furnishings are warm, comfortable and inviting.

Lobby Stair

The lobby features a distinctive open wood stair familiar to Country Inn & Suites.

  • Location  Ithaca, NY
  • Client  Garuda Hotels

The project design is based on a central lobby prototype for Country Inn & Suites. Situated on a scenic hillside overlooking Cayuga Lake the two story building contains 58 rooms, lobby and breakfast area, meeting room, board room, pool & spa, exercise room, laundry and other support areas.The distinctive entry canopy, covered walkway and side porches comply with the hotel design guidelines. The long roof line is broken by a shift in the roof ridge line as a result of different room depths. Finished with EIFS the building walls are accentuated by the use of decorative grills and colored shutters.