Road Side View

The building is located next to the side walk per planning guidelines. Raised parapets and built-out pilasters break up the building facade.


Bold patterned carpet sets the tone of the lobby area. The fireplace and TV wall is finished with wine colored wood work. The ceiling area is divided into smaller sections with dropped soffits. Recessed and sconce lighting add to the warm ambiance.


Tiled wainscot with patterned border surround the pool area. The pool deck is finished with non-slip tiles and a decorative border. The ceiling over the water is coffered with indirect lighting.

Site Plan

The building is located next to the side walk in compliance with planning guidelines. Parking is wrapped around on the other three sides. Landscaped islands break up the parking bays.

  • Location  Ithaca, NY
  • Client  LNH Hospitality

The 66 room Hampton Inn is based on the end-canopy prototype. Located on a major road leading to downtown Ithaca, the four story building was designed per new planning guidelines requiring parking be located at the rear of the building. Split face color masonry forms the base of the building while the upper portion is finished in two colors of EIFS. To deal with the high water table and low bearing capacity of the soil, five feet deep of soil was removed and kept hollow underneath the new building footprint. This innovative structural design allowed for a large building in a notoriously wet area.