Exterior View

The building design is based on the end canopy prototype. Raised parapets in the middle of the four walls emphasize entry points and break up the long facade. The first floor is clad with bricks while the upper floors are two colors of EIFS.

Riverside View

The river side of the building is raised on stilts to allow flood water to flow back into the river. A retaining wall supports a circular driveway under the porte-cochere.


The pool area is located next to the window wall facing the river. Tiled wainscot with patterned border surrounds the pool. The ceiling over the pool is coffered with indirect lighting.


Bold patterned carpet and coffered ceilings accentuate the lobby and breakfast area. A free standing island containing a fireplace and a TV separates the breakfast area from the circulation.

Registration Desk

Registration desk is designed as a free floating island. It is finished in wine color wood panels with granite top. The middle section is dropped for accessibilty.

  • Location  Owego, NY
  • Client  Owego Associates

Located on the banks of the Susquehanna River the three story Hampton Inn contains 66 rooms. The first floor level of the building is located four feet above grade to be above the flood plane. The half of the building width facing the river is raised on stilts to allow free flow of the flood waters while a high retaining wall supports the circular driveway under the porte-cochere. The lobby and breakfast area, meeting room, swimming pool, exercise room and laundry are all located on the first floor. Structurally the pool is suspended from the framing at the first floor level and thus will have no impact due to flooding.