Entry View

The building's entry leads into a centrally located atrium lobby topped with a continuous skylight. Brick exterior, white panels and windows with true muntins recall classic building composition. A low sloping roof accentuates the building's entrance.

Drive Through

The drive through window and ATM are located under a triangular shaped canopy to protect the window from glare and the elements.

Side View

The symmetrically sloping roof of the atrium is covered with green metal panels with a built-in gutter system. The two wings are separated by a continuous glass skylight. A triangular floating roof forms the canopy over the drive-in.

Floor Plan

A grand atrium located in the center is the main focus of the building. A separate vestibule is provided for off-hour use of the ATM's. Public service areas occupy one end of the lobby. Offices and other support areas are located on the other half.

Site Plan

The building is laid out on the triangular lot to turn the building's main entry towards the intersection and allow vehicular traffic through the site. An area was earmarked on one of the corners for the village sign.

  • Location  Ithaca, NY
  • Client  TCT Bank

Located on a small triangular lot at a busy intersection the building was designed as  a branch of a local community bank. The building's form and siting were dictated by the need for visibility from the intersection and the vehicular circulation through the property for drive through and regular visitors. The building's main focus is a centrally located grand atrium lobby flanked by tellers and a vault on one side and support offices on the other.