Exterior View

Existing building is a three story structure in the french mansard tradition.

First floor Plan

Each floor contains a single apartment. A new ramp provides accessible entry to the first floor.

Second Floor Plan

Each floor contains a single apartment. Two means of egress are provided by a new interior exit stair and a new exterior stair.

  • Location  Ithaca, NY
  • Client  Jason Fane

The project involved the reconfiguration of an existing wood framed three story building formerly used as a school of music and dance. Extensive field work was carried out to generate existing floor plans and to document existing framing and other building systems. The building is included on the local landmark register. As such, all exterior modifications had to be approved by the Ithaca Landmarks and Preservation Committee.

The existing framing was modified to add a new interior exit stair. The existing fire escape was replaced with an exterior stair to provide second means of egress from the second and the third floors. One large apartment occupies each floor with a total building count of 29 bedrooms. A new handicapped accessible ramp was added to the exterior.